Barclays Dream Acc. no longer available

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Barclays Dream Acc. no longer available

Post by TheTurtle » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:12 pm

The Barclays Dream Account is no longer being offered. The main page has no notice, and existing users were not informed. The FAQ page has a terse message saying "As of 10/17/2017, the Dream account is no longer being offered. For any Dream account(s) opened before this date, your account terms and conditions will remain the same".

This was an interesting sub-type of a savings account. The extra incentive on regular monthly deposits (up to 1000$) and no withdrawal for 6 month periods was negligible: one would get 2.5% additional interest. However, I seem to have found the incentive compelling enough to warrant not moving a single cent out of that account for a year. It was more a behavioral obstacle than a fiscal one.

I wonder what interest rate calculations went into this decision? To me, it would seem that (slowly) rising interest rates would encourage a slightly larger number of people to start/contribute to savings accounts and CDs, thus negating the need for incentives and special perk accounts like this. Is my thinking correct?

Either way, I plan to continue putting in money to my account till I need it.


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Re: Barclays Dream Acc. no longer available

Post by nisiprius » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:16 pm

I don't think it's that rational. I think banks provide temporary teaser deals to get people to open accounts, relying on the fact that they can cut or eliminate them a couple of years later and people will keep the account as long as they are comparable, or not much worse than, the competition.
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