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The Way to Buy the Stock Exchange

Purchasing is actually a tool for building riches, however it isn't just for the wealthy. Anybody can begin on a investment program, and assorted vehicles ensure it is effortless to begin with with small numbers and put in to some portfolio occasionally. In reality, what distinguishes investing in gaming is the fact that it does take some time--it really is perhaps not really a get-rich-quick strategy.
This informative article will allow one to know what investment is, what this means and how a "miracle" of compounding works. Additionally, it will cover several of these building blocks of the investment world as well as the markets also supply a few insights to methods with the objective of assisting you to imagine concerning that which investment vehicles and strategies are perfect for you personally.
Whenever you're finished with Purchasing 101, you may carry on your financial instruction with a number of our technical tutorials like the Stock Basics or even Mutual Fund Basics. You might even see Investopedia's Advisor Insights department to ask among those engaging financial consultants any particular questions. – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

SatuMedia® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The SatuMedia® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the SatuMedia® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the SatuMedia' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1196 new posts and replies over 181 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last
Subforum - TopicLast
0hVA529 Rollover question22:26 crazyapple11
3ciPhone vs Android longevity21:57 Buster6522:21 jjface
6hVanguard Total Bond BND vs VBTLX (etf vs fund)?21:43 Sandtrap22:50 Sandtrap
7tCollege 529 Analysis21:38 abuss36822:21 NYCguy
0hAnnuity - keep it or cash out?21:37 Mike83
2tInvestment Portfolio Tracking & Spreadsheets21:32 abuss36822:08 livesoft
24pWhat we don't know20:35 Johm22112222:39 software
1cBank of America Premium Rewards card18:53 hmw19:50 tooluser
4hChoosing tax lots to sell18:28 protagonist19:04 technovelist
8cCharge card, what info embedded in chip?18:02 ResearchMed20:34 ResearchMed
12pCostco Eyeglasses - No satisfaction guarantee. Any chance of resolution?17:52 kjvmartin21:58 sambb
7h529 or not 529?17:48 loklav18:32 kaneohe
2hMidlife Portfolio Checkup16:39 JRider17:37 JRider
16hVariable annuity trading costs?15:55 ookluh19:59 grabiner
13pSmoothing out a Property Tax bill14:45 CheeseFlip17:05 jebmke
1hpretax and after tax wellesley investment14:36 peanutbuddy16:59 retiredjg
9cAuto Insurance: AAA vs. Travellers14:28 xerxes10122:23 tooluser
5hHelp Me Compete the SatuMedia Transition14:11 jonnyboy23:01 PFInterest
13pMedicare Part B premium unchanged for 201813:54 pshonore20:15 Alan S.
3pMegaCorp Equity.....income or savings?13:31 WalterMitty13:49 Afty
3cBest places to stay/visit in Panama13:17 me11296417:31 123
12hRetirement Advice13:01 qfinanceq22:38 NancyABQ
11hBond funds vs Ladder13:00 Jeresoph22:13 Jeresoph
4tJack Bogle, the word's richest man12:46 MickeyBoy18:38 Miriam2
11pSoutheast Asia trip - Cash handling12:42 NYGiantsFan23:05 WhyNotUs
7hHelp with investment ideas to get to retirement faster and in better shape!11:28 Agon18:23 aristotelian
4hVanguard intermediate tax emempt vs CD11:15 gadoc14:54 mega317
0cSyncing Family Files and Photos11:15 StlIllini
8pAlly Bank 1 Year CD now 1.65% with 25,000 Minimum10:59 sapphire9616:00 nalor511
13tAny of you trade just a little as a hobby?10:49 Ron Scott14:20 itstoomuch
2tIntrinsic Value10:47 GibsonL6s12:21 whodidntante
4hRoth transfer: Wait for December distributions?10:11 Chap13:16 celia
22tWSJ commentary about declining # of publicly traded companies10:01 WillRetire22:44 tooluser
6hTo buy or not to buy tax-exempt bonds?09:58 phisher420:29 grabiner
6hBackdoor Roth Vs Traditional IRA for Wife’s Accounts09:47 Deighve16:42 retiredjg
4pmfj tira deduction [Married Filing Jointly, Traditional IRA deduction]09:26 TheHouse713:01 LadyGeek
3pNon-compete clause for employment09:22 Fortune11:58 TIAX
18pMy fafsa has made me an "independent" because I was born before Jan. 1 1995. But im not independent...09:09 randydimera13:55 badbreath
8hCapital gains timing08:50 gymble20:02 grabiner
31pVolunteer to be laid off?08:44 marcopolo13:23 marcopolo
4tExperience with 401K "Self Directed Brokerage Account"08:19 Wildebeest09:26 dbr
52hDo you include the sale of your home as part of your retirement planning?08:12 TheTimeLord22:57 wander
26tMorningstar - AQR: The Vanguard of Alternative Investing?08:07 matjen20:50 lack_ey
0tAI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning in Investing07:52 Hopes101
3pRollover to Vanguard Traditional IRA07:46 Prudence08:53 jebmke
5pProving retirement Health Insurance is unaffordable?07:44 dwickenh15:27 jebmke
4hSale of Home Proceeds - Net Loss & No plans to purchase for 2 years07:31 DiffyQGibson14:46 DiffyQGibson
64tIs holding bonds now dangerous?06:56 UncleLongHair22:13 pkcrafter
6pReturn of IRA contribution performed early in year, amend 1040 that year or the prior year?01:34 nguyena122:11 celia
2pReader Case Study - How can I improve it?01:19 Shikoku15:38 Shikoku
18hWhat to do with 360k for an old man01:18 alexf12:31 alexf
3hDomestic partnership benefits for health insurance11/17 icedtea23:30 Watty
2hVanguard admiral shares vs. ETFs - tax cost differences11/17 FamousWalrus20:05 grabiner
2hHealth Equity HSA11/17 TropikThunder09:03 skylar
13tTSP Modernization Act Signed Into Law11/17 stan_the_man16:24 finite_differen
11tMarijuana stocks11/17 jb113:46 fmhealth
4hOptions? Maxed 54K 401K limit from all sources limit but couldn't max 18K 401K personal limit11/17 tim_327800:30 tim_3278
9hBackdoor Roth - should we do it?11/17 MindTheGAAP16:16 MindTheGAAP
12cElectric Car (Nissan Leaf) for a teen driver?11/17 texasdiver20:32 2comma
26cTiming if Medicare annual physical11/17 Good Listener17:38 dm200
34cReplace TVs with Smart Tvs or not?11/17 AKBTX1421:35 emoore
7pVoluntary life insurance - how much?11/17 2m203722:19 random_walker_7
2tVanguard Global Wellesley Income and Global Wellington Portfolio Composition11/17 cnh17:59 cnh
9hWho has had a 3 or 4 Fund Portfolio the past 10 - 15 years?11/17 Radd12:06 Earl Lemongrab
21pPaid off my house. Now how to handle insurance and tax payments?11/17 WillyMcG12:35 neilpilot
4hportfolio review11/17 Markov11:11 Markov
4h401k fund allocation11/17 ajw36014:31 ajw360
24hConfused about cash and retirement - isn't this really about market timing?11/17 cyclist20:45 randomguy
6hAsset Allocation and SS Income11/17 frederickj18:45 frederickj
24hVanguard Personal Advisor Services/Portfolio Review11/17 rivercityriverc13:55 rivercityriverc
15pWhy did Vanguard drop TurboTax?11/17 John15118:59 Not Law
2tLower Interest Rates in Aging Populations11/17 SimpleGift23:18 SimpleGift
23tMonte Carlo Analysis VS Historical Rolling Periods11/17 Flugugrubah22:38 siamond
34hCurrent precarious equity environment for a retiree11/17 dachshund16:45 dachshund
5hcash balance plan11/17 pbv18:33 ManhattanTrnsfr
64pRisks of Non-ACA Compliant Health Insurance?11/17 Postmon15:59 dm200
2hNeed help choosing supplemental retirement plan11/17 washateria12:59 Mudpuppy
12pTake Pension or Lump Sum payout?11/17 Wyatt08:41 Silk McCue
3tYet another TIPS thread11/17 dh14:22 FIREchief
8hDoes Vanguard hunt down overseas investors?11/17 littleislander03:56 asset_chaos
18tAs we gear up for the predictions season, a look back on how they fared for 2017 so far11/17 Ron Scott21:49 pkcrafter
17cIs dent repair service worth it?11/17 Vanrnr08:12 LarryAllen
13hWhich Target Date Fund?11/17 y4rivera03:26 FiveK
2tGood Backtest tool11/17 ctreada00:29 randomizer
21cSuggestions for 1st week vacation in 2018?11/17 flyingaway18:07 praxis
16hRMD account11/17 doobman16:34 celia
25cUnited change fees11/17 Horsefly12:08 tibbitts
27pCar shopping tomorrow11/17 RRAAYY315:53 dm200
28cQuestions for Boglehead runners11/17 NorCalDad09:20 NorCalDad
63cMy dad's army jacket11/17 dia18:24 RustyShacklefor
8cIssue with Bank of America credit card11/17 student08:02 vaught
19cWhere to buy new iPhone?11/17 yolli7121:30 emoore
64cTesla truck unveil11/17 4nursebee12:42 neilpilot
12hRefinance 30yr to 15yr mortgage?11/17 GrumpyMonk20:36 grabiner
5hHelp with portfolio / Gathering collective wisdom11/17 enterobacter06:35 coastalinvestor
17pTo buy or not to buying question (budget)11/16 Bird Beard15:13 random_walker_7
33cRenting a car from Atlanta GA to Austin TX: $$$11/16 siamond13:05 siamond
20pForgot to file form 5500EZ for 2016 year11/16 doug452308:41 doug4523
18cHyundai Elantra Special Edition- any thoughts?11/16 protagonist22:21 protagonist
12cConfused!!!! CRCCs or home care..? Help!!11/16 roy1106:59 andypanda
2hOAYIX Fund [Oakmark International]11/16 Allen198614:34 Allen1986
78tWhere did you first learn about investing?11/16 Nowizard19:44 Billionaire
7tannualized TLH data from Wealthfront11/16 buffalo18:52 Random Walker
19hCost basis question about Vanguard's covered/uncovered mutual fund shares11/16 bobsmith14:48 ubermax
17hCashed out Inherited IRA used to justify IRA contribution?11/16 bobsmith10:13 bobsmith
22tScottrade to TDA11/16 Oak&Elm22:13 gostars
68hHelp for semi retired friend with 8 figure savings11/16 dspencer00:46 Sandtrap
30cBMW to Chevy Bolt?11/16 IMRTguy20:22 TomatoTomahto
16pChristmas Vacation on a budget11/16 investing101217:56 dm200
31tHolding VTSAX only11/16 tman994009:24 lostdog
5hApproximating Total World Stock to avoid exchange risk11/16 sabahang07:03 in_reality
20hBond fund in a ROTH11/16 jtelwood20:44 grabiner
41tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox19:56 nisiprius
17tAnti-Index Fund Arguments - Help staying the course.11/16 Ignorant18:42 bengal22
47tShould we be using high equity retirement portfolios? - Some cFIREsim scenarios.11/16 Finridge13:50 itstoomuch
49pHelp with Understanding How to Handle Bonus11/15 oktax22:16 dratkinson
28cI have a cell phone that has some malware from the cell phone maker. Malwarebytes can't not remove it. Is the phone safe11/15 rec713:36 Mudpuppy
46hVariable Annuity Help - Parent's finances11/15 jeg20817:14 smitcat
39p55+ Early retirement offer.11/15 Dottie5715:48 mac808
12hsell fidelity index mutual fund and replace with etf index for tax benefit?11/15 blastoff20:51 grabiner
31pValue of 401k Employer Match vs. Salary Equivalent11/15 cwagon21:11 cjg
101cHas used furniture dropped in value dramatically?11/15 mac_guy17:36 Lars_2013
36cOffice Chair Recommendations (Aeron?)11/15 ThankYouJack23:42 Tyler Aspect
3tLargest holding in Powell’s (next Fed chairman) investment portfolio appears to be Vanguard Total Stock Market index fu11/15 MFInvestor19:18 TD2626
12tIs treating all accounts as one bucket really simpler11/15 fennewaldaj21:05 grabiner
5cBest albums of 201711/14 buckeye798319:22 asset allocatio
8hPortfolio Opinions and Tax Efficiency11/14 towtruck20:42 grabiner
147tThe 4% rule DOES fail but still makes sense!11/14 flyingaway19:31 TheTimeLord
21hAnnuity Exit Strategy Help Requested: Wife’s ROTH IRA – Allianz 222 Fixed Index Annuity – Stay or go? How?11/13 Readyinvestor11:20 Mel Lindauer
36cUpgrading a flight - what are your rules?11/13 noco-hawkeye14:27 hightower
29tAre actively managed funds that claim to beat the market actually "scams"?11/13 Ron Scott11:10 Doc
93pPOAs may not be that powerful11/13 tadamsmar20:39 minesweep
10hAm I loopy for thinking about doing this? [Change stock allocation]11/12 Gsnod10:20 ruralavalon
160hWhy pay cash for a car?11/12 RDHlooking4FIRE11:26 OnTrack2020
34p2018 FEHB HDHP Recommendations11/12 Kanefa19:13 grabiner
65hAsset allocation for 5% return11/12 Jimsad17:04 bsteiner
16hHelp! Tax question as I bogelize my holdings11/12 Yellowpillow08:43 Yellowpillow
6hHelp with Roth IRA Phase Out11/11 gurusw21:12 gurusw
31pH&R Block Software11/11 DarkNyte15:50 Almost there
40cFavorite Holiday Recipes11/11 fishandgolf14:38 Earl Lemongrab
79tRetirees: I got this!!11/11 tennisplyr13:09 littlebird
63cSwedish Death Cleaning [De-clutter your home]11/11 dia13:15 cajungal
127cThoughts about wearing a "uniform"/same thing everyday?11/10 WalterMitty22:43 spth
63tShould you own only non-U.S. stocks?11/10 CULater07:45 TheNightsToCome
156pWhy NOT make more money?11/10 flyingaway17:09 afan
122tThe fear of retirement, black swan, and math to dissuade the fear.11/08 EnjoyIt20:55 randomguy
9tmadsinger monthly report (October 2017)11/06 madsinger09:54 LuckyDog
17pBetter credit or larger downpayment?11/05 Savio06:58 lakja
31pBest option for large foreign currency transfer11/05 csm04:31 Diogenes
23cSt Louis: from airport to hotel (uber, shuttle or rental)11/04 runner909:56 StlIllini
89pShould I decline Grand Prize trip because of taxes on winnings?11/03 ldebhaar10:49 EddyB
32cCabo San Lucas - question10/29 FB0117:34 DireWolf
96cIs it difficult to switch from an iPhone to an Android?10/28 letsgobobby19:55 letsgobobby
8tTreasury term premium estimate: negative this year (NY Fed Adrian, Crump, Moench model)10/23 lack_ey20:23 patrick013
35pQuicken 2018 for Mac [and PC Released]10/23 Eric11:58 mjb49
9pPlease take a look at my pre-retirement plan!10/19 fanningtheflame13:58 Chip
138cAnyone planning on getting the new Pixel phone?10/18 DiggleRex11:44 RustyShacklefor
50hWindfall and advice10/08 rad doc13:39 letsgobobby
126cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo20:36 travellight
128t[Bitcoin] question08/29 CodeMaster07:42 CodeMaster
131hBitcoin08/13 Malinois00008:15 arcticpineapple
144tVanguard 403b Changes07/14 alpenglow18:34 CHG
184tMy Favorite Alternative Funds07/06 grap001309:34 betablocker
30lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE17:03 cfs
35pVanguard Voice Verification06/27 GS18:44 tadamsmar
106tUsing Funded Ratio to drive retirement investment plan - Part 1 of Funded Ratio series05/28 bobcat218:12 bobcat2
66cShould I drink or sell my Pappy 12 year?05/24 CheapFool19:14 CheapFool
14pLooking to payoff mortgage04/20 noco-hawkeye21:43 willthrill81
63cWater Heater Install $1,800!12/19 Andyrunner11:45 p14175
8hVSS verus SCHC2016 CajunDan14:14 livesoft
642tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab15:55 alphaomega
49pWhich financial program to get? Quickbooks vs YNAB vs others2016 Gemini07:44 AstroJohn
39lNashville / Mid-TN Chapter Master Thread2013 mojorisin18:10 topper1296
31hBenefits of Flagship2015 sanfran201508:59 Nowizard
48p35 yr-old doc needs some wisdom2014 madman1922:08 WL2034
2648cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt14:46 goldendad
192tImproving the TSP [for current participants]2014 MichDad08:52 LadyGeek
115lMaster thread for Washington DC Area SatuMedia2014 grabiner13:12 bobcat2
25pPhysician(s) changing Jobs - Advice2013 DoctorJay14:22 hightower
18fLinking wiki articles into forum posts2012 Peculiar_Invest13:39 LadyGeek
18hTIPS OID for 2011 through 20172011 #Cruncher14:19 #Cruncher

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